Friday, 8 November 2013

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Update fake facebook status via iphone 5, blackberry w10 ,galaxy s4

Update+status+via+iphone 5+blackberry+galaxy s4

You might have seen many of your friends updating facebook status via  Iphone 5,Blackberry W10,Galaxy S4 and so on...
And when you update status Via mobile is written.
isn't this really embarrassing that you cant update your status via iphone or via blackberry.
Don't be sad :) today i am going to show you how to update a fake status on facebook followed by VIA IPHONE or VIA BLACKBERRY even by using samsung champ or any other cheap phone :) isn't it really awesome that you can fool you friends by updating fake status and they would think that you really bought a galaxy S4 or any other expensive phone.
This trick isn't that much popular so your friends won't doubt on you .
there are many android apps also for this trick like FAKE STATUS VIA , UPDATE STATUS ,VIA IPHONE 5 but its not very much necessary that every one is using an android phone.
so i am going to tell how to do this trick online so no android phone needed.
You might have seen updated via like this :-
fake-update-status-via-iphone 5-blackberry

I dont think now i have to clarify that this trick 100% works because it is not possible to update status via nasa satellite . and you can also see the 2 upper one 

*** ago via Galaxy S3 
ago via Iphone 5
 So you have to just goto this website and choose the phone according to your choice.
click on that and you have to just login to your facebook account allow the app and write the status you want to be updated with via iphone 5/blackberry or any other phone and yipeeee you are done . go Here for fake Update via iphone 5/galaxy s4 
                         CLICK HERE 


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