Thursday, 24 October 2013


Blackberry messenger- BBM for android 2.3 Gingerbread

BBm for android gingerbread 2.3 free download
recently blackberry rolled out their very own unique blackberry messenger for android and ios(iPhone operating system) which was only found on blackberry operating system .
But unfortunately in android section then only launched BBM-blackberry messenger for android 4.0 and on wards .
you can download blackberry messenger for android jellybean from play-store 
up to know blackberry messenger was only launched for jellybean and ice cream sandwich.
but due to the hard work of our talented developers they ported Blackberry BBM for android 2.3 gingerbread running devices

Let me tell you in brief what is BBM aka blackberry messenger. blackberry messanger is a app which was only for blackberry operating system or you can say it was one of the unique features of a blackberry phone. due to the popularity of android smartphones and ios smartphones the chief of blackbery decided to roll out BBm for android and iphone. the main feature of this app is that the user is given a unique BBM pin and he/she have to use it to contact with each other.
according to users and developers bbm is supposed to be a tough compitetor for whatsapp and many social apps like line 
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So just download this app as others and enjoy blackberry messenger on android 2.3 version

Download blackberry messenger for android 2.3 gingerbread free at above given link
Please let us know if any link is broken we will fix as soon as we can


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    1. Faizan link is also provided above ...!qdgQBIya!KzFlWUnwOdIqpkcE9ixWejdYRi0xdJt8PVndqtyA3F4

  2. Will this work for armv6 gingerbread devices??

  3. brother not sure about armv6 but ya will work 100% on armv7

  4. manaaaa aah bohog saja kauu NGAPUSI LAH.....